How to Make Real Money as a Creative Entrepreneur

In the spring of 2010, during my last months at Sarah Lawrence, my first-year studies class would have reunion writing workshops one evening a month. Those get-togethers highlighted the best and worst parts of Sarah Lawrence. The best: a group of talented writers and their devoted don voluntarily giving up their evenings to create a fourth class. The worst: every meeting devolving into a group therapy session because no one knew how the hell they were going to turn their creative skills into a paycheck.

I love Sarah Lawrence—the professors, students and courses are all incredible—but good god, the school does an awful job of preparing students to make that green after graduation. (Although the OCC has made big strides the last few years with things like a legit internship fair and an internship database that actually works.)  Simply, there’s this weird anti-technology mindset that pervades the campus, and it keeps students from discovering amazing ways to apply their creative skills in a way that will make them bank.

Bottom line: If you’re not actively looking for ways to make the Internet your sugar mama by sophomore year, you’re making a big mistake.

Trust me. I’ve seen a lot of my friends and classmates struggle since graduation because they failed to develop their tech literacy skills and held out hope for old-school publishing and journalism jobs that don’t exist anymore. I only avoided the same fate thanks to a couple of dope internships in online media that introduced me to the burgeoning New York Tech scene (which supplies you with tons of free booze, by the way). Now at 24, I’m the co-founder/CCO of a successful content studio, Faster Times Media, and the editor of two online dailies that I absolutely love, The Faster Times and The New York Egotist. I created my dream job and it’s so much freaking fun.

I don’t say this to brag. I say this because there are incredible opportunities out there for anyone willing to embrace social media, technology and a badass startup scene. There’s really nothing special about me. (Some of my SLC intern crew, like SLCSpeaks editor-in-chief Ella Riley-Adams, are on pace to become better entrepreneurial creative than me.) Sarah Lawrence sets you up with the necessary creative and critical-thinking skills; you just need a little curiosity and ambition and a willingness to break out of the SLC bubble, where a lot of people seem to think that it’s still 1976.

Sarah Lawrence will always be incredibly important to me, and so I’ve decided to drag as many students as possible into a magical world of open bars, full-time jobs, and not having to live in Bushwick unless you really want to. Please join me on Tuesday, February 7th from 2-3 pm in Titsworth Living Room for a talk where I’ll tell you how to make that cash money. Program description below, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Making Real Money as a Creative Entrepreneur. Talk with SLC Alum, Joe Lazauskas.

Tuesday, February 7th from 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. Titsworth Living Room

You’re likely a talented writer. Maybe you even have good visual art skills, or at least more visual common sense than whoever orchestrated the Gawker redesign. And you probably feel a bit of anxiety over how your creative skills will translate to doing things like paying rent and buying an adequate amount of happy hour drinks after graduation.

Joe Lazauskas (class of 2010), CCO and Director of Content & Community at Faster Times Media comes to SLC to talk about how young, intelligent writers can take advantage of fantastic opportunities in the emerging digital economy by developing the right social media skills and simply knowing where the money lies. He’ll also present some of the great opportunities available with Faster Times Media. Come one, come all, and let the rumpus begin.


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