Do It Yourself With Colleen

Simply because you attend one of the most expensive colleges in the nation does not necessarily mean you are willing to empty your pocketbook to purchase the latest Miu Miu or Proenza Schouler design seen prowling on the catwalk or in fashion magazines. The majority of students, like myself, are more concerned with affording our daily dose of coffee and cigarettes, not to mention all of those books. Why not apply an ounce of creativity to altering your own clothes and add an individual flair? It is just as fashionable and exceedingly more unique if your clothes reflect your personality and handiwork.

Whenever I mention DIY, a lot of people immediately reply that they have absolutely no idea how to go about making their own clothing. I doubt those people have even tried. Be bold and trust yourself! While it’s easier to approach the (de)construction of clothing when you have a basic knowledge of design, it is an unnecessary prerequisite. By experimenting, you’ll learn. If chopping up one of your favorite shirts still intimidates you, or you aren’t entirely assured of your fashion sensibility, I’m here to provide some helpful hints and projects to churn your imagination. It’s easy to learn as you go, and an entertaining exploration. Plus, it feels great to respond to a compliment on your attire with “Oh thanks, I made it myself,” and usually tends to spark a more compelling conversation.

Resuscitate your old clothing with distinctive embellishments or get creative with scrap fabric while keeping those Benjamins safely imprisoned in your wallet. You can stop attending Church to repent for your fervent shopping sprees, or worrying about the call you’re going to get from your parents when they receive your credit card bill. Thrift stores are magical realms where anything is possible. Scissors, safety pins, spray paint, and super glue can be your most profitable new friends. Your style can turn heads and outclass even the wealthiest. I doubt you’ll find yourself lost in the sea of blonde-haired, high-heeled, black clad underage “fashionistas” at Fashion Week again, or wearing something disturbingly similar to the pretentious psuedo-hipster next to you. Have no fear, the DIY column is here.

I’ll be posting homemade projects for you to try, but in the mean time here are some outstanding DIY blogs you can check out if you’re already itching to make something stunning (or studded):– How about this “No Sew Swim Cover Up?”– Splatter paint anyone?  Learn to reconstruct your t-shirts, or create the Galaxy pattern a la glitter and craft glue!


Image credit: Studs and Pearls 



Colleen is an avid hula hooper and stargazer who enjoys appeasing her wanderlust, consuming massive amounts of caffeine, and making things. Originally hailing from a sleepy island off the coast of Texas, she is ecstatic to be closer to the city lights. She is currently interested in literature, philosophy, and the visual arts.

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