HansChelsea: A New Generation of SLC Comedy

Chelsea Catalanotto and Hans Kulla-Mader, a pair of comedy nerds and Sarah Lawrence juniors, are combating the typical SLC apathy with their own brand of hilarity. Along with the publication of their Onion-esque parody newspaper, Full Frontal, the duo is working on making videos. The first of these, “Mr. Peckerson Gives Matilda A Squash Lesson”, is already on Youtube and Funny or Die.

Catalanotto and Kulla-Mader star in the video, which displays the off-kilter relationship between a creepy older guy, Mr. Peckerson, and the innocent Matilda. Both members of the comedic pair list creative writing as one of their concentrations at Sarah Lawrence. While writing the script in collaboration, Catalanotto and Kulla-Mader agreed on just about everything. Apparently, great minds think alike. When asked if the world will be further enchanted by the antics of Mr. Peckerson and Matilda in coming videos, Kulla-Mader replies, “Maybe, if we can’t come up with any other ideas.”

And if you were wondering about comedic influences, there is one all encompassing answer: the Youtube video “1,000 Cats”.


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