Films and Food: the Nitehawk Cinema

I like eating and I like going to the movies. What if, in an ideal world, I could fit both of these into a single evening?! We usually don’t make it to dinner until 8PM. And however hard I try to fight it, after a full stomach and a few glasses of red wine, there is no way I’m not going to fall asleep in the theatre after 10PM. The battle of my life…

But sometimes I do find ideal worlds where I can have my cake and eat it too. I am thankful that the old-fashioned date nights in the movie theater are still not over, no matter how many pirated movies we own. In that cold winter evening in Williamsburg, I found what shortly became my new addiction, my favorite movie theater in the universe: Nitehawk.

I did my research and decided to buy our tickets for “The Descendants” online, despite of the extra $2 compared to what you’d pay on the spot. I only realized how much that $2 is worth it later, when I got lazy and planned to get tickets at the booth. “Sold out” I read as we tried to see the “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” and “The Artist” weeks later. Apparently, I’m not the only one who discovered the best movie theater in New York.

It is suggested to arrive 45 minutes before the movie starts. It’s a good tip for early evening shows- Happy Hours end at 7PM, so we could still get a beer for $3 before we were let into the viewing room. The actual main reason to arrive early is to get a better seat and to see a series of short films, video clips and documentaries connected to the theme of the movie (in our case, Hawaii) for half an hour. As we got in, we were greeted by a young waitress who explained for the “first timers” how Nitehawk works after we found our seats that shared a small table attached to it. Enough space for drinks and a few small plates. A menu, a couple of pencils and papers were lying on the table.

“You just write down what you’d like anytime during the show and we’ll get it for you” she explained the system, and our small plate of french fries, tater tots and a small hot dogs arrived a few minutes later.

The viewing room filled up by the time the movie started and waiters and waitresses kept coming and going with drinks and foods throughout the entire movie. Surprisingly, it is not as disturbing as it may sound. Forty minutes before the movie ended, everyone got their individual checks. The $11 movie tickets, $6 for each small plate and $3-6 per beer makes the night a great, cheaper alternative to dining out.

We fell in love with Nitehawk and our addiction can only be satisfied with visiting similar movie theaters, such as reRun.

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Image Source: Free Williamsburg

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