Early Fix For Your Hipster Heartbreak: Meghan Laslocky reads from “The Little Book of Heartbreak”

If you’re already cringing at the gauntlet of red cellophane in CVS or penciling in a block marathon of Girls for February 14th, Meghan Laslocky has the cure.


The Little Book of Heartbreak, on sale now, embraces romantic misfortune and shuns the oh-so-2009 dating advice of self-help books. Instead Laslocky distracts her lovelorn reader with a quirky crash course on heartbreak in history, culture, literature, music, art, and film, from kinky Ancient Greek sex spells to crafting the perfect break-up mix. Laslocky provides a soundtrack for every type of heartbreak and enough suggested reading to keep you warm long after the last heart shaped Reese’s has been devoured.


Skip the 18-piece Whitman’s Sampler and stave off heartache at Laslocky’s reading on February 9th 4pm at Book Court (163 Court Street, Brooklyn) where the author will deliver a talk on heartbreak throughout women’s history titled “We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby”.


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