e e cummings, Bridget Dooley, and Deepakalypse: Events to Attend This Week – 2/4/14

Some events in the next couple of days were cancelled due to the snow day that surprised us all.  But brace yourself for the sigh of relief that’s about to spew out through your sore throat – there are still some interesting things happening this week.

The beginning of a new semester is a time to scratch old habits and try new things.   Maybe you should utilize one of our squash courts, maybe you should take your first peep inside our greenhouse, or maybe you should attend an event you never thought you’d see yourself going to.  Here is an effort to get you started:


Tuesday Feb. 4th from 12:30-1:45, a science seminar (with lunch) will be held in Room 103 titled “Maggie and Milly and Molly and May: Mathematical Morsels Inspired by E.E. Cummings” The presentation by Katherine Socha is a study on how what we find outside can be reflective of who we are as a whole.  In Socha’s words, “What might mathematicians find at the beach?  Waves.  Resonance.  Symmetry.  Animal gaits and minimal surfaces.  And, of course, infinity…” What do you, as writers, visual artists, actors, physicists, or whatever you are, find and collect in your day-to-day lives?


February 4th, from 5-7 you may want to check out the new show at The Barbara Walters Gallery.  Curated by guest faculty member John O’Connor, this collection of contemporary work explores the relationship between word and image.  Size, color, and shape have obviously played a major role in the history of conceptual art.  This show focuses on the “area between a word’s meaning, and its visual form,” taking the viewer into a mental and visual space, and questioning the effect of written or painted words on the viewer’s experience.

Thursday, February 6th, C.A.T.S will be installing their first show of the semester, with the opening reception from 8-10pm.  While their shows usually have a theme, this one serves solely as an outlet for work that didn’t get to see the light of day in the fall.  If you would like to submit some work or join in on the C.A.T.S initiative, email them ASAP at catssubmissions@gmail.com.

Bridget Dooley’s show, One Hundred and Sixty Acres will be up in the atrium until February 6th. This student’s show is a compilation of photographs taken in North Dakota and Minnesota, documenting historic farming communities.













Tuesday February 4th in the Reisinger Auditorium from 1:30-3:30, Annea Lockwood, sound artist and composer, and Martin Goldray, pianist, conductor and composer, will be performing.  Their concert will incorporate  “electronic and environmental sounds, narratives, and non-traditional instruments.”  You will have to find out what that means for yourself.

Saturday, Febuary 8th at the Blue Room from 9-1am check out SLAC Live Music’s show featuring California folk/rock outlet, Deepakalypse. http://deepakalypse.bandcamp.com/





















Friday, February 7th, chill out a little with a spa workshop at The Pub.  Learn to make coconut oil and salt body scrubs from 4-6pm.
If you want to bring your event to SLCspeak’s attention, please don’t hesitate to email us. (ideas@slcspeaks.com) Until next week, keep your head up and remain productive with the use of your mind and body.  Architect Oscar Niemeyer designed dozens of museums and public institutions around the globe, the mosaic sidewalks of Rio de Janeiro, and the city of Brasilia.  Niemeyer, who didn’t consider himself an architect until the age of 42, said at age 103, “Compared to the universe, you are so small.  Don’t think you are important, because no one is.  You just have to be more useful.”  Listen to the genius and be mindful of how you spend your energy.  Give yourself what you need to make yourself happy.

Carmen Hall studies a medley of economics, women's history, writing, and film. Between Titsworth, class, and life in the city with her art collective, you can find Carmen reading the beginnings of books and writing in her journal nearby Cathedral of St. Johns the Divine.

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