DIY With Cecily: T-Shirt Headband

DIY Braided Headband

I can do almost anything with an old t-shirt. You name it, it can probably happen. So, when I found my old SLAC t-shirt from the beginning of the year (move-in day, anyone?), I decided it was time to do something with it, as I no longer wore it.

And if there’s anything I’ve been obsessed with lately, it’s headbands. I love them. They’re my favourite spring accessory, for sure—it’s the best way to dress up my hair without having to actually put it up. It takes almost no effort, but it makes it seem like you put effort into what you were wearing that particular day.

So, putting two and two together, I decided to make the best out of my old t-shirt and make a headband!

This project is extremely simple, and can be done in less than an hour. I would recommend it for a complete beginner in DIY, especially as practice for someone who’s experimenting with hand-stitching for the first time. Let’s get started!


  • ·       An old t-shirt (in any colour or pattern) or some loose fabric
  • ·       A pair of scissors
  • ·       Some tape
  • ·       A needle and thread in the same colour as the t-shirt OR fabric glue


Cut the bottom of the t-shirt into five equal-width strips of fabric. You want to make sure the fabric wraps around your head almost twice—if you cut from the bottom of the t-shirt, this should be the case, even though you might have a little extra. Hand-stitch the tops of each strip together.


Pull each strip taut, so the ends curl in on themselves. This is to prevent fraying and allow for easier braiding.


Separate your strands into two sections—three strands on the left, two on the right. We’re going to begin by braiding the left section first.

Take the outermost (the very left) piece and braid it over the middle piece. Then, thread it under the outermost piece of the left section, and pull it taut. There should be three pieces on the right side now and two pieces on the left side; so just repeat with the right side in the same fashion. The basic braid is just over-under with the outermost piece, and then repeated/reversed on the other side. It sounds a bit more complicated than it actually is.


Repeat this braid several times over until there’s no fabric left to braid or until the headband will fit snugly around your head without falling off.


Take the end of the braid and loop it around so it joins with the other end. Hand-stitch the two ends together. Taking a small strip of fabric to cover up the loose ends, wrap it around the end and stitch it into place.

And that’s it! You have your finished headband. Super easy, right?

You can add decorations to the headband, of course—fake flowers, glitter, sequins, whatever you should desire. But now that you have your base headband, you can do anything!

Here’s to warmer weather and cuter accessories,

Cecily. <3

Cecily Lane is a sophomore this year and is proud to be heading the Create section! A faithful devotee to all things pearl-related, you will often find her on campus in high heels (even when going to the gym) and a dress. Her signature 'victory curl' hairstyle takes about five seconds every morning, but makes her look like she puts more effort into her appearance than she actually does. She enjoys acting, writing, and making jokes that only 12-year-old boys find funny.

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