Crunch Time: Studying in the City

Welcome to Conference Week fellow Gryphons. How’s the paper coming? Did you finish your screenplay yet? Have you even started? Me neither. Due dates are fast approaching and I find I’m still on Netflix (why oh why did I have to start American Horror Story NOW?!) Luckily the sheer mass of students in the library has caused the internet to slow to the pace of a sloth on pain killers and my tv binges are getting cut shorter and shorter. Hopefully you’re having the same “problem.” If not and you told yourself “one more episode”- STOP YOURSELF BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.

Or perhaps you’re wise and didn’t start a new BBC mini series in the middle of finals. Perhaps you’re perfectly motivated, caffeinated, educated and yet somehow your conference just isn’t happening. Perhaps you find yourself sitting in the periodicals section praying the beer fairy shows up soon or else you’re paper on underwater basket weaving may never see the light of day. If this is the case, perhaps a change of scenery (and I don’t mean the Starbucks in Fleetwood) will help. Here are some (albeit coffee-centric) spaces in the City that may help jumpstart your work:


1. The Cafe in the American Wing at the Met
It sounds boougie beyond words I know, but hear me out: It doesn’t matter if you’re an art historian or playwright or dance third, this is one place where you’re guaranteed to be undisturbed and inspired. Why settle for Pub fare? Surround yourself with sculpture and stained glass while munching on snacks (and plenty of coffee) from the Cafe. It should also be noted that the people watching is choice. Once the caffeine kicks in and you’re too restless to sit still wander the exhibition halls and see some shows before they’re taken down. I suggest “Everyday Epiphanies Photography and Daily Life Since 1969” in Gallery 851 or the Christmas tree in Gallery 305. If you’re in need of a study break or the Cafe is overcrowded, pop over to The Petrie Court Café for afternoon tea.

1000 5th Ave, New York, NY 10028
Sun.-Thurs. 10:00-5:30
Fri.-Sat. 10:00-9:00


2. Joe’s Coffee
A crucial part of Conference Week is the caffeine intake and I have a sneaking suspicion that Pub coffee stops being effective after the 6th cup. If you’re tired of Starbucks or if you’re in search of a mocha that’ll change yourself look no further than Joe’s. With locations in the Grand Central, Union Square, Chelsea, the West Village and more it’s easy to find a Joe with seating. It’s like Starbucks, but instead of red cups you get good coffee and great service.

514 Columbus Ave,
9 E 13th St,
141 Waverly Pl,
1045 Lexington Ave,
405 W 23rd St
Mon.-Sat. 7:00-8:00
Sun. 8:00-8:00
(times differ per location)


3. Bubby’s
With a location opening in the Meatpacking district, there are now to Bubby’s to runaway to. The original TriBeCa restaurant is open 24 hours making it a perfect study space anytime of the year and especially during Conference. Take the first, last or any train into the City and emotionally eat yourself sick with their pies, pastries and bottomless coffee. It could be for a mid-paper breather or a I’m-finally-done celebration or just some late night brunch. My suggestion for breakfast brain food is sour Cherry pie and huevos rancheros.

120 Hudson St
Open 24 Hours!


4. Think Coffee
In case you don’t have enough cafe ideas from the above suggestions here’s another coffeeshop where you can hole away and finally write that last lab report. With free coffee tastings, art openings and fiction readings happening at all their different locations, there are reasons to stay once you’ve finished studying. Instagram your latte art and make the friends you left behind in the dorm common room jealous. The Mercer and 8th Avenue locations have wifi, so those of you too tempted by Facebook should avoid those two.

73 8th Avenue,
730 Broadway,
1 Bleecker Street,
123 4th Avenue,
248 Mercer Street
Mon.-Fri. 7:00-11:00
Sat.-Sun. 8:00-11:00
(times differ per location)


5. New York Public Library
A stones throw from Grand Central, the NYPL is the perfect place to spend conference week. You don’t have to spend $4.50 on a cappuccino and there are plenty of desks, carousels and spaces to curl up with your laptop. The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (yes, that’s the one you always walk past) is a quiet branch with reading rooms large enough to get lost in. If you need a computer, a book or a librarian there are also plenty of those. The Rose Main Reading Room would be my suggestion for a study space. Bring a thermos of coffee (or pop across the street to Starbucks) and knock out that paper once and for all.

Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street
Tues.-Wed. 10:00–8:00
Mon., Thurs.-Sat. 10:00–6:00
Sun. 1:00–5:00

Zoe Marquedant doesn't talk about Fight Club. She is an SLC writing student with a dinosaur watch and an over-developed sense of state pride. She can be found around campus perpetuating awkward moments and swearing like a sailor. Zoe firmly believes life is what happens in-between good cups of coffee.

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