Collection Series: Wyatt Rocheleau

We’ve decided to start a series here at SLC Speaks devoted to unique collections. This week we’re featuring Wyatt Rocheleau, a sophomore who collects sneakers and discusses athleticism and men’s fashion.

Q: Tell us about your collections. What do you collect and why?

A: I collect sneakers and hats. Both of these collections stem from me being an athlete and incorporating athletic style into my everyday-wear.

Q: How does your identity as an athlete inspire the way you dress?

A: I first started out as a skater, so that was a whole other world when it came to sneakers—mostly lower styles like Vans. I’ve always been a sneaker head, but getting into basketball really amped up my collection and got me interested in high tops. As a basketball player, there’s a big association with sneaker fashion. When you step on the court and see a player with a great pair of Kobe’s or Jordan’s, you know he means business.

Q: Who or what inspires your style right now?

A: I’m inspired by celebrities like Lil Wayne, YG and Kanye West. I like that they all have very distinct senses of style and that their personalities come through in their clothes. Kanye has a lot of high fashion swag but he mixes it with street style when he travels around Chicago, which is great to take inspiration from.

Q: What are some of your favorite things to wear?

A: There are a few things in my wardrobe that are special to me. I love my Lakers jersey, my Gucci belt, my denim jacket and all of my hats and sneakers.

Q: What are some of your favorite brands for men’s clothing and accessories?

A: For sneakers I like Jordans, Nikes and Steve Madden. I’m also really into Polo for clothes. But when it comes to guys’ style, we usually care more about how clothes fit and how comfortable they are, rather than the name brand.

Thanks for letting us take a peek at your collection, Wyatt. SLC students, if you have a friend who has a cool collection, let us know!

Hannah Gottlieb-Graham is a sophomore studying dance, art history and women's studies. In her spare time she enjoys writing articles for Surface Magazine and College Fashion, cooking vegetarian cuisine, gallery hopping, shooting film and making her own perfume. Her weaknesses are Wes Anderson and good champagne. Insta: @sweetsweetnoir

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