Cheese galore(well, kind of) – The Specialty Cheeses Lunch Review

Where to even begin while discussing the specialty cheeses lunch? It definitely did not match the cheese tortellini from Oktober fest, but it was certainly a step-up from the original Farmer’s Market dinner. I was on my way to California for October study days, and I had about

an hour between my morning class and the time I needed to catch the train for the airport. Everyone told me to just pick something up from the airport, but no, no, I needed to attend the specialty cheeses lunch. Bogged down with the schoolwork I would be doing over the weekend(lolz) and my over-stuffed duffle, I scurried down to Bates to get my cheese on.

Now I have to give Bates (and the lovely staff) props for this little display of autumn.As I walked in I was met with festive corn and big orange pumpkins. At first I was scared because isn’t a nice display basically all they did for the Farmer’s Market dinner? There wasn’t even cheese in this display. I quickly dropped my bags with my friends and went to check out what was in store for me. The pasta station was chicken and broccoli alfredo (pass), the vegan station had some sort of tempeh mash-up( no cheese because duh it’s vegan), and the meat station( is that what it’s called? That’s what I call it) had mashed potatoes and broccoli. Score! I heaped myself a huge plate of mashed taters and broccoli and rejoined my friends.

“ So great cheese options, eh?” I asked my ladies sarcastically. One of my friends turned to me and said, “Well, if you count that platter of cheese sitting on the salad bar”. I looked at her quizzically. What cheese plate? Apparently I had missed some sort of cheese display. I had just accepted the fact that there was no cheese, but I would soon find out I was mistaken. “Come on, I’ll show you!” I followed my friend hesitantly to the supposed cheese plate that would be awaiting me. And there, it all it’s glory, sat a party platter of cubed cheese. There was Sharp Cheddar, Gouda, White Cheddar, Pepperjack, and possibly others. There weren’t any helpful little signs holding the precious info of which cheese was which, so it was a take-what-you-get kind of deal. I have to say, the presentation was lovely. The strawberries really took it to a whole new level.

So like I said, it wasn’t exactly a slam dunk in the Specialty Cheeses part of a Specialty Cheese Lunch. However, there was still some satisfying food to tantalize one’s taste buds. The display at the front was certainly welcoming, the mashed potatoes were superb, and of course, the cheese was lovely even though it was probably bought the day before from Stop n’ Shop. Overall, I can say that I was pretty glad I went. The last event this month is the Halloween party of the 31st. Dear SLC community, GET EXCITED for this. I know I am.

Emelyn Hicks, a sophomore at SLC, is a California, Bay Area native who enjoys baking, laughing, sarcasm, and ballet. Emelyn is an animal rights activist, and misses her three dogs and two cats back at home. Currently she is studying Anthropology, Literature, Theatre, and Dance. If you are a fellow hashtag enthusiast feel free to follow Emelyn on Twitter @emelynhicks.

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