Big Gay Agenda

Remember when you were applying to SLC and the admissions staff kept throwing around the phrase, “And New York is your playground”? Mhm, me too. And like, yeah, sometimes we make it into the city, but once the semester kicks into high gear, the closest I get to Manhattan is eyeing up a gross Bates turkey-dog that is nowhere near as shamefully tasty as the dirty water hotdogs you can get from city street carts.

Most of the time, it’s not even a matter of being busy! Sometimes, I just don’t know what I’d do there, which sounds ridiculous because its New York Frickin’ City. There are always a million things to do.

But, I’m queer and sometimes I want to do some “queer people things,” and I’m not always sure what that entails or where or when to go about doing so. If you’re queer – which, lets be honest, most of us are – you, too, might want to do some “queer people things” in New York and have some set dates on your calendar to ensure quality city time. So, here are some ideas for what you can get your bad selves up to this next month! Get your sparkle gel pens out and take some notes, gehls.

Thursdays from Sept. 11- Nov. 13: So You Think You Can Drag? New York’s longest Drag competition! All mah queens need to be there so beat your face and tuck, tuck, tuck, and go make Mama proud! (New World Stages, 50th between 8th and 9th, NYC)

Thursdays: Esculita! This raaaaaaging club generally caters towards gay men (but all are welcome), and these weekly events are no different! Because guess what? Every Thursday is their UG/Urban Generation Party! They promise hookah, 2 for 1 drinks before midnight, boys, and probably a Cher sing along at 3:00am. HOW DO YOU NOT GO TO THIS THOUGH? (301 W. 39th St. NY, NY)

Wednesday, October 8: Comedy Notebook at The Housing Works Bookstore and Café. Come to the Muppet Vault: Superheroes! with New York’s Comic Con Super Week. Should be cool and SUPER fun. GET IT? Also this place is awesome and does so much to help the Queer Community, and you should check it out just because. (126 Crosby St. NY, NY)

Saturday, October 4: BE CUTE is a 21+ dance party for “HOMOS AND ALIENS” featuring queer DJs Matty Beats and Merkin Muffley. The event page features a lot of Lisa Frank, but the evening doesn’t seem to have a particular theme. Beginning at 10pm, BE CUTE takes place at Bed Stuy Queer Bar, One Last Shag. (348 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn New York)

Wednesday, October 1-29: Henrietta Hudson is offering a lovely evening of SALSA DANCING. Stop by the legendary lez club for some sass, Salsa, and gays. It’ll be a GrAYt time, I’m sure! (438 Hudson St. NY, NY)
Current- November 19: Trans Lives Matter! Justice for Islan Nittles! is an exhibition at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art. The show includes this photography exhibit by Seyi Adebanjo. Culture yo-self. (26 Wooster St., NYC)

Saturday, October 18: Hey Queen! presents their closing event – The Last Dance. V sad. V fun. Slap on your glittery falsies and get ready to hear bangin’ DJs (D’hana Perry, Precolumbian, and J Lamar), see some dancing, some queens, and have a generally fantastic night. This event runs from 10pm-4am and is 21+. (Littlefield, 622 Degraw St. Brooklyn, NY)

Every Wednesday: The Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art offers weekly Studio time during which attendees can “study and rener the male body in an intimate setting,” according to their website. The classes go from 7-10. (Held in their Prince St. Project Space)

WHENEVER: The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop! This place is everything good and more. They have the best ice cream, the fiercest décor, and it’s called The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop – AS IF THAT WEREN’T INCENTIVE ENOUGH. Also, ice cream. (125 E. 7th St. NY, NY)

So there you go; A brief and handy guide to living that queer city life the next few weeks. Enjoy and stay fierce!

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