Beyond Bronxville: Winter Wonderland

That’s right folks, it’s snowing again! If you can manage to get down Kimball without breaking a leg hop on the Metro North and go explore the city while the white blanket of snow is still pristine and hasn’t turned into grey slush yet. Here are some idea on how to celebrate what feels like our 1600th snow day:

Grab a hot drink

City Bakery 3 W 18th St, between Fifth and Sixth Aves

Check out City Bakery’s Annual Hot Chocolate Festival. From the first of the month until the twenty-eighth the Bakery will serve special flavors of hot coco. “Happy” hot chocolate (2/15, 2/27), Sunken Treasure hot chocolate (2/16) and Bourbon hot chocolate (2/24). Pair any with one of their Pretzel Croissants or bakery items.


Watch the Wild Animals Frolic in the Snow

Bronx Zoo 2300 Southern Blvd

Bronxville may have a resident fox, but the Bronx Zoo has so much more. Lions, tigers and bears. OH. MY. Stay warm in the Zoos’ JungleWorld or stay out in the snow with the sea lions and the snow leopards. Do check their website, before wandering over as the Zoo does occasionally close on account of inclement weather.


Pay Homage to The Greatest Band Ever

New York Public Library for the Performing Arts 40 Lincoln Center Plaza

The New York Public Library started celebrating the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania on the sixth. “Ladies and Gentlemen…The Beatles!” honors the Beatles trip to the State in 1964 and the craze that they incited. Their legendary Ed Sullivan performance as well as the two years following the trip will be covered in this free multimedia exhibit.


Enact Your Own Winter Olympics

South Street Seaport 19 Fulton St, at Front St

If a successful skitter down down Bates Hill has left you convinced you that you have  decent sea legs when it comes to winter weather then maybe it’s time you put your mouth is. This season has seen the addition of several new ice skating rinks. The Seaport Ice Rink is a now open and ready for you to showcase your mad skills. Release your inner Michelle Kwan!


Do Something Sarah Lawrence-y

Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art 26 Wooster St

Whether you concentrate in queer theory or not, this exhibition is worth the trip to Lower Manhattan. Focusing on the intersection of art and identify, “Queer Threads” showcases thread-based crafts from twenty-four artists. Come back with a new understanding of power hierarchies and appreciation for embroidery.

Zoe Marquedant doesn't talk about Fight Club. She is an SLC writing student with a dinosaur watch and an over-developed sense of state pride. She can be found around campus perpetuating awkward moments and swearing like a sailor. Zoe firmly believes life is what happens in-between good cups of coffee.

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