About - SLC Speaks

Sarah Lawrence College is a space for those who choose to explore. We refuse to be defined by institutional boundaries and seek to extract the potential for creativity in all that we do. We motivate ourselves to achieve self-set goals.

We are an extraordinary group of people who deserve to learn more about our world through a medium that is accurate, fun and accessible. SLCSpeaks aims to report on campus opportunities, showcase student talent and aggregate community opinions. At Sarah Lawrence, we value diverse, interesting perspectives. Here, SLC speaks its mind. There is more to say.

Opinion is at the core of what we do. This is where we come to rant, praise and debate. If you wonder why maintenance knocks on your door at 7 in the morning, you’ll probably find a compatriot in this section waxing intellectual on the same idea.

On Campus will tell you what’s going on at 1 Mead Way (and in our charming hamlet of Bronxville) every week. Look here for academic enrichment, parties, and free food.

Outside is where we gather information on internships, interview alums, and host student opinions that extend beyond life at Sarah Lawrence.

City speaks to our desire to travel and explore. Here, we report on delectable city food, post stories of general gallivanting, and provide a sounding board for our faraway friends studying abroad.