4/20 On the North Lawn: The Perfect SLC Event

Say what you will about the absence of organized social events on campus, but when it comes to this Friday’s 4/20 plans, you can’t blame anyone for a lack of trying. The heads of WSLC and SLAC Live Music are pulling out all the stops to make this famous spring holiday truly enjoyable, whether or not you take part in the traditional cannabis element of the celebration.

The day will begin around 3 PM, although some might decide to start a bit earlier (wink wink), with an SLC Battle of the Bands. This is the perfect event for on-campus bands to perform for their friends and peers and well, compete. Because as we all know, music is about winning (I joke. Terribly). But in all seriousness, this portion of the day (until 6) will be sponsored by the cool kids at WSLC and will feature a handful of great on-campus bands, the members of which you have most likely bumped into at the Pub once or thrice.

After a productive early afternoon of chilling and appreciating your peers, the real craziness will begin. The heads of SLC Live Music have brought three incredible musicians to entertain us in our various mental states: Small Black, EOLA, and c u p. Curtis Pawley of SLAC Live Music notes that Small Black is (probably) the biggest band they have ever booked, which is saying something given recent guests and big names like Prince Rama. Be sure to check out each of these artist’s music before tomorrow so that you can sing along, or, more aptly, hum along. At the very least so that you don’t look like a poser.

And, of course, what is a 4/20 lawn party without the Slip N’ Slide? Don’t forget to grab a burger from the PETA BBQ before your haphazardly race down the “GIANT 22′ INFLATABLE SLIDE” on your belly!

Try to pace yourself with the illicit substances and barbecued meat because later you will be expected to hit the dance floor at the SLAC Dance After Party in the Basement. Sick beats from DJ Nadus will be sure to please the masses.

Basically, you will be more than covered in the entertainment department tomorrow. Don’t forget to drink water, chill with buds, and enjoy 4/20! After all, it’s only once a year…

(On Campus Editor) is a film kid and hyper-curious about the world in general. Moonlighting as a wedding videographer, she strives to one day become her own boss as a filmmaker and illustrator. Anna is easy to talk to and anyone who knows her knows that free candy is the way to her heart. To see some of her work, check out www.annaquinlan.com

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