20 ways to get yourself through the last days of winter

We’re almost there!

1. Get a Sun Lamp

It may look lame sitting on your desk, but if you’re feeling blue this sun simulator will boost your Vitamin D levels and boost energy levels.

Look on http://www.amazon.com/ to find a cheap one.


2.  Make a visit to the gym

Even a quick run and a few push-ups will leave you feeling energized and toned. Who can resist the post-workout glow?


3.  Go shopping for a new bikini or swim trunks

Don’t need one just yet for spring break? Who cares! Have fun modeling.


4. Find yourself a summer dress or a new pair of denim shorts

Having a new summer item makes it easier to pretend you’re almost there. Hang it in the closet as something to look forward to.

Urban always has a great selection of summer clothes http://www.urbanoutfitters.com

Or make a trip to Buffalo Exchange for some great deals! http://www.buffaloexchange.com


5. Go get yourself  a makeover

Take a seat in one of those little black chairs and ask for the latest spring colors … oh, and plenty of bronzer. A little summer glow will get you through these last dreary days. Plus who says you have to buy anything?


6.  Throw an Oscar party

Yes, the big day has arrived. Break out your best attire and pretend you’re part of the Academy’s peanut gallery.


7.  Netflix Online

Umm … need we say more? www.netflix.com


8.  Walk down to Bronxville and treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure

Men, it’s alright. You can do it too. We’re not judging.


9.  Make a collage

This is so not ten years ago. Cut out your favorite magazine articles and mix them up with some party pics. It’ll make your drab wintry room feel a little brighter.


10. Do a little Spring Cleaning

While rearranging your room, you might discover an unexpected Pub quesadilla and fries. Please open the windows. A little fresh air never hurt anyone.


11. Bake Cookies

Nothing’s better than filling the dorm with the scent of freshly baked cookies.

Check out http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/ for gluten free options.

Or http://www.veganbaking.net/ for vegan options.


12. Have a snowball fight, or, slush fight

Better do it while there’s still snow on the ground. We hear there’s no better study break than rolling around on the ground…


13. Make yourself a hot chocolate

We’re not talking about the Swiss Miss powder at the Pub. The real stuff: homemade.


14. Buy a fish

Shh! We won’t tell housing.


15. Invest in a plant

This will add a much needed sense of environment to a dark room. Plus, we hear it’s easier to take care of than a dog … or a fish.


16. Wear some color

We know at Sarah Lawrence and, well, the rest of New York this could be a serious fashion faux pas, but color makes people smile. Just a little scarf. C’mon, try it!


17. Go find a new exhibition in the city

Why? Well because we live right next to this really amazing cultural hotspot called New York City. There’s always something new going on.


18. Find a concert to go to

Again … it’s New York and there’s always something going on.

Check out http://www.villagevoice.com/ or http://www.brooklynvegan.com/ to find out who’s playing where.


19. Alternate nostril breathing

Okay, this may sound a little nuts, but apparently this breathing exercise balances both hemispheres of the brain, encouraging both the creative energy of the right brain and analytical function of the left brain. May we suggest you save this yogic technique for when your roommate’s out?

Check out http://www.thesecretsofyoga.com/breathing/alternative-nostril-breathing.html for a more complete description.


20. Write a letter to a friend

Put a smile on a friend’s face with a lil’ love note. Who doesn’t love getting mail? Plus those mailboxes are looking pretty dusty.

hails from Austin, Texas and no she does not ride a horse to school. She studies Spanish, literature and writing at SLC and if her nose isn't buried in a book, she's either playing volleyball at Campbell, getting lost in the city or eating delicious food. She has trouble working at her desk most nights because of the NYLON magazines, chocolate, peacock feathers and photobooth snapshots that litter her desk.

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