10 Fun Things To Do In NYC This Fall

You know in the beginning of “You’ve Got Mail” when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks are talking about how they love New York in the fall because it smells like a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils or something? Well I’m here to say that I agree. New York is great during any season because it’s the best city on earth and that’s a fact. But fall is especially great because you can wear your cute lil scarves, and the leaves are all pretty, and you can give people bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils without it seeming as serial killer-y as it would during any other time of year. So here’s a list of fun things you can do in NYC during the next few months to make the most of the fall.

  • Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, November 5 -8 (various locations so look it up!!)
  • Cider Week NYC, November 6-15
  • Get bundled up and take a stroll on the High Line (Free!)
  • Go people watching at The Met (Donation based!)
  • See Sleep No More, the interactive adaptation of Macbeth set in the fictional 1930s era McKittrik Hotel, Oct. 18-Dec.31 (it’s pricey but worth it if you’re able to go!)
  • Have a picnic in Brooklyn Bridge Park.
  • Go poke around the Conjuring Arts Research Center (a museum with tons of books on magic, ventriloquism, and slight of hand) 11 W 30th St., NY, NY.
  • Take a peak around the Louis Armstrong Home Museum. 34-56 107th St., Corona, NY.
  • Check out Submerged, an interactive exhibit on what it’s like to be a sub pilot at the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum in Hells Kitchen, now until December 31
  • Go eat some of the best pizza in the city at Rubirosa – while it’s a little pricey for pizza, it’s renowned and SO GOOD and literally the best decision you’ll make in your sweet little life. 235 Mulberry St. NY, NY.

So there you have it. Some rad options for some rad people. Enjoy your fall and try not to be too creepy with the whole pencil bouquet bit.

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