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The Editors


Julia Reichard (Editor in chief) – Julia is a sophomore at SLC. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Julia is rapidly becoming bicostal. A feminist and aspiring journalist, she is obsessed with Anne Patchett, glitter nail polish, and teddy girls. Her academic interests center around Queer Studies, Africana Studies and Social Science. In her free time she reads too many internet articles, listens to too many podcasts, and works on her amateur zine.

Contact Julia at: jreichard@gm.slc.edu




E853F0B5-7917-42A9-A3AD-EE5784A508F5Audrey Irving (Arts Editor) – Audrey Irving, class of 2015, is a Seattle native living and working in Brooklyn while finishing her studies at Sarah Lawrence. Her primary interests are in the field of Art and Visual Culture, exploring all facets of art theory, criticism, history and  practice in both her studies and professional engagements.  She also has an ongoing interest and background in  Cultural Studies, as well, enfolding aspects and awarenesses of gender, sexuality, race and class in her approaches to education and analysis.



Photo on 7-23-14 at 4.46 PMChristopher Kelly (Opinion Editor) – Chris Kelly, aka Leaf Peepah, aka Rocksalt, reads so much that he’s developed a rare disorder in his left eye that makes him cry blood at least once a week. His room at the top of Dudley Lawrence is never a good temperature, and if he doesn’t get into the Oxford Program he’ll do something destructive. From Colorado Springs, CO, he enjoys hitchhiking, dipping, riding in truck beds shirtless, climbing trees, and bear dancing. His concentration is Literature, so if you ever want a reading buddy, hit him up.



Kate HamrickOptimized-IMG_5976 (Fashion Co-Editor) – Kate Hamrick is a sophomore at SLC who studies Economics and Costume Design. She costumed three shows last year, and is scheduled to costume two shows this fall. She is an avid reader, though her favorite books are The Great Gatsby and all of the original Nancy Drews. In her spare time she loves watching Downton Abbey and doing yoga. Her favorite movie is Sabrina (1954) and her favorite flower is a pale pink bomb peony.




Optimized-IMG_6280Hannah Gottlieb-Graham (Fashion Co-Editor) – Hannah Gottlieb-Graham is a sophomore at SLC studying dance, art history and women’s studies. In her spare time she enjoys writing articles for Surface Magazine and College Fashion, cooking vegetarian cuisine, reading independent fashion magazines, shooting film and making her own perfume. Her favorite color is lavender and weaknesses are Wes Anderson and good champagne.




Sarah Sarah Simon  (City Editor)- a Sagittarius and a Junior at SLC. Studying Gender/Women’s Studies and general badassery. Talk to her if you like hot chocolate and dogs and early 2000’s pop.