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The Editors


Ami Glazer (Editor-in-chief) – Ami is a sophomore at SLC who has consistently kept up with the American teen drama mystery-thriller television series Pretty Little Liars since 2010. She primarily studies film and ethnic studies.  She’s sorry she used the word studies twice in one sentence.




10157123_10204932285453546_3291335553406459897_nAlex Vasquez (On Campus Editor) – Alex is a sophomore at SLC studying writing and French. She’s into bikes, comics, and will rant about the intricacies of Buffy when provoked.





12083979_10153671940524914_153919219_nIsaac High (Opinion Editor) – Isaac High has been released from Maine and is now a Sophomore and mostly-History student at Sarah Lawrence. He likes labor history, Komozi Woodard, and spending his idle time playing web games.




12080863_1007808139240604_1405644188_nElena Tinschert (Fashion Editor) – Elena Tinschert is currently a junior at SLC. She is anti-peanut butter but pro-almond butter. She is taking a mixture of social sciences and writing classes in the hope that at least one will be of use in the future. Elena not so secretly loves Real Housewives and Kanye West more than anything else. That is about all there is to Elena.



12080997_10153261017917711_334551418_nSarah Simon  (City Editor) – Sarah is a Sagittarius and a Junior at SLC. Studying Gender/Women’s Studies and general badassery. Talk to her if you like hot chocolate and dogs and early 2000’s pop.