Students Against the Rebrand Crash Board of Trustees Meeting


This morning, a group of approximately fifty concerned students crashed the Board of Trustees meeting, marching into Heimbold 208 with a list of demands addressing a variety of issues currently facing the college. Armed with cardboard signs and shouting chants of, “Whose school?” “OUR SCHOOL!” the students assembled in the room at the beginning of the scheduled meeting and read out loud their appeals. The group was met with mixed reactions from the regular attendees of the board, among them Karen Lawrence and members of senior administrative staff: several participants were explicitly welcoming of the students while others looked confused if not affronted. The Board has since agreed to meet with students in the near future to address the demands made in the document viewable below.

The decentralized leadership of the group, who call themselves Students Against the Rebrand, urges students with opinions and feedback to contact them at They emphasize that it’s a “living document” which is meant to reflect a multitude of student voices across a variety of important platforms, categorized by the following headings: Admissions policies, Athletics, the gender ratio and the rebrand, Identity and anti-oppression, Labor, hiring and working conditions, Sexual assault, Solidarity with faculty, and Student workers. The document concludes voicing a vote of no confidence in President of the College Karen Lawrence and posts a deadline for when the demands should be formally addressed and/or implemented.

Have an opinion on the protest or the specific demands listed? In addition to Students Against the Rebrand welcoming your input, SLCspeaks is also interested in hearing from voices of the student body on these topics. Email us at


The most recent version of the list of demands from Students Against the Rebrand at time of publication.

The most recent version of the list of demands from Students Against the Rebrand at time of publication.

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